I was born in 1992 in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in the Balkh province of northern Afghanistan. I finished school and university in this city. I started my media activities in 2010 at Balkh National Radio and Television. In addition to working for the social program-slots there, I worked in the Office of the Deputy and Defense of Women’s Rights.


Since the beginning of 2012, I worked as a news presenter at Ariana Global Tv in Balkh province. Until 2018 I worked in various program areas of these media. In 2016, while working at Ariana Balkh Media, I started as a representative of the Women’s Committee for the Immunity of Afghan Female Journalists in the North and worked there until 2018. A training workshop in 2014 together with nine other female colleagues for 21 days in the USA was a highlight in my media work and in my life. In addition, at the beginning of 2018, I traveled to Sri Lanka with all my colleagues from the Equal Opportunities Committee from various provinces of Afghanistan for another training workshop. This training also had a positive influence on my success in the field of media information work


I only mentioned my media work. Career starters always have a hard time. But I would like to address the specific problems I faced as a woman in traditional Afghan society. After graduating from school, I wanted to give a voice to people, especially my peers, through media work and to open the way for other girls who are interested in working in this field.  And I fought against the prejudice and rejection that existed in the media towards girls’ participation. It’s difficult for a girl to work outside the home anyway, let alone in a media company in Afghanistan. These problems start in the family and continue in the public sphere.


My family didn’t approve of my job, it was the first obstacle for me. When I first appeared on the TV screen, my older brother beat me. But the only person who always encouraged me and stood by me like a mountain was my mother. My mother was my only supporter in the family. She is illiterate, but she has been with me every step of the way to make my dreams come true. She is the hero of my life and I learned from her how to stand tall and persevere in the face of difficulties. My mother taught me how to get up after every fall.



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I fought and in a short time I was able to get the support of the rest of the family members and when I started my work as a news anchor on Ariana Balkh TV. My father checked my news every day and my older brother, who had opposed my media work, finally accompanied me to Kabul when I started my USA trip.


The trip to America was not without problems and challenges.


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A photo of us with Secretary of State John Kerry was shared on the Department’s official website, sparking an uproar. People obtained a fatwa against us. This reaction from some people resulted in two of the girls never returning to Afghanistan. But I returned to Afghanistan with a number of other girls to achieve our goals and continued media activities.


I got engaged in mid-2018 and had to emigrate to Turkey due to family issues. A completely unknown country to me. It was difficult for my family because they have never left Afghanistan. I got married that same year and the problems of immigration, which meant a new life and experience in another foreign country, kept me away from media work. On the initiative of two of my former colleagues, Selsela Imamzadeh and Mansour Moradi, we created the Alborz Internet TV channel. A number of other women journalists also began working with us to promote media work through Alborz.


We equipped Alborz TV only with a smartphone and a laptop, but also with big goals. I am sure that my colleagues and I can implement it with a strong will. In addition to my media work, I currently spend most of my time with my family, especially my children, with special love and passion. So that my children can enjoy their childhood and have beautiful memories in their minds.

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