Online Female Working Group


Focus: The human rights situation in Afghanistan, the situation of women and female media workers in Afghanistan, the situation of journalists in and outside of Afghanistan.


This working group will help female media activists to articulate and define their individual and professional needs as independent journalists and open a platform for them to publish their work freely.


Within this working group the female participants will produce once a week a 10-minute video as a new YouTube format dedicated to the role of female media workers and the situation of females in Afghanistan. These videos will not only be published on YouTube but also streamed on the Facebook platforms of Kite Runner.


Digital Storytelling Lab


Within this lab we will discuss short movie creation, animated movies, graphic novels, and text publishing online as new forms of digital storytelling.


Results in form of text, photos and videos published by the participants and the organizers online to incorporate an audience in Turkey, Afghanistan and beyond.


The modules are designed to enable the participants to start with simple storytelling and gradually acquire skills. In parallel, the aspiring citizen journalists will practice digital techniques on topics discovering cultural diversity in communities.


Online Publishing Course


This course will guide the participants through every single step from installation to finished website.  The participants will learn how to install WordPress and how to use it as online publishing tool for their needs and expectations.


The course will as well give an introduction how then to publish content (text, multimedia, video) online by using the backend or frontend of WordPress. How to optimize the content for online publishing, and how to use Tags and Categories meaningful and successful.


Language courses


Turkish and English language courses will be offered in the period from online. For this period the courses will focus on journalists with migration background who have basic or beginner’s language knowledge and will focus on journalist to improve their language skills for job activities in Turkey and international.


Advocacy Working Group


The working group is designed to provide exiled Afghan journalists with information and resources related to their rights in Turkey, as well as to help them navigate various systems and processes related to finding work, accessing healthcare, and obtaining education and other forms of support. The average attendance should be 10-20 participants per session from different cities in Turkey, which allowed for an interactive and personalized learning experience.


The advocacy workshop for exiled Afghans will provide valuable information and resources to help participants with media background from Afghanistan to navigate various systems and processes related to their rights and needs in Turkey.


Video Editing Course


This program will take place as block seminar/crash course daily 8 hours for 25 days. Participants: 10 female, 10 male, 10 from within from Afghanistan, gender parity


This comprehensive learning experience guides participants through all the key features of video editing software, covering both video and audio editing techniques. It even comes with a shareable certificate to prove the skills after completion.


Monthly Public Screenings with Discussion


A selection of documentaries will be screened in cooperation with IMS once a month in Istanbul with discussion afterwards. The monthly public screening will be open not only to media people from Afghanistan in Turkey but also to the public in Istanbul.


For further information check out our new Media Kit!


Please let us know in which activities you would like to participate.

All of these activities are free of charge





Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker and Project Manager Kite Runner

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