In Her Hands

Film Screening

Public Film Screening in the Frame of the Kite Runner Activities


Dec 15th, 2023 – 6:30 pm – Location: Postane istanbul
Bereketzade Mah. Camekan Sk. No: 9


Admission Free

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Meeting-ID: 879 5704 2087
Passcode: 900606


In Her Hands




In Her Hands tells the story of Zarifa Ghafari who became at 26 one of Afghanistan’s first female mayors and the youngest to ever hold the position, showing her life in Afghanistan in the months that preceded the takeover of the country from the Taliban on August 15th 2021.


The documentary follows Zarifa in her daily life, taking us in her office, in her house, meeting her family and her fiancé; unfortunately, we follow her during her toughest times: when her father was murdered by the Taliban in an attempt to lower her voice, we follow her when she moved to the capital where the fear of an imminent takeover of the city from the Taliban was extremely high and lastly, we follow her in the car that will take her to the airport where she will leave for Germany, following the inevitable fall of Kabul in the hands of the Taliban regime. In the background, we also follow the slow transformation of Afghanistan which, due to the abandonment of the territory from the American troops, will turn once again into a nightmare.


Directed by: Tamana Ayazi, Marcel Mettelsiefen


Produced by: Juan Camilo Cruz, Jonathan Schaerf


Length: 93 min.


Year: 2022

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker and Project Manager Kite Runner

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