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LGBTQ+ in Afghanistan under Taliban

In Nangarhar province, the Taliban publicly flogged a citizen 39 times for “lawat” (sexual relationships between homosexual couples). On suspicion of sexual immorality, the Taliban

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Working Group for Female Journalists

Huma Sohail

Kabul will not fall, I said to myself, the Afghan security forces will not give up. How is it possible for the Taliban to rule

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Media Hub

Kite Runner is being developed as a hub with support/counseling and workshop opportunities, social events and network building activities for Afghans with journalistic/media background mostly in Turkey. Afghans aspiring to become journalists or media workers can also attend selected activities, and some activities are open to all.



Kabul: Rehab Hell

You are invited to the public screening of Kabul: Rehab Hell at Yolo Art Center in Istanbul on Saturday December 17th at 5:30 pm. After

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Cross-Media Working Lab

We are inviting you to the next gathering of the Cross-Media Working Lab at Yolo Art Center in Balat Istanbul in the frame of the Kit Runner activities in 2022. The Cross-Media Lab will take place next Saturday Nov 12th between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

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More about Kite runner

The Istanbul based association Diyalog in cooperation with the
International Media Support (IMS) is starting in August 2022 the Kite
Runner activities in Istanbul.

Our Partners


Diyalog is an inter-cultural association dedicated to communities, diversity and new media. The principal objectives are the promotion of exchange and cooperation in order to carry out an intercultural understanding to strengthen as well as above all a cultural dialogue beyond borders.

International Media Support

IMS (International Media Support) is an international non-profit organization working across four continents. IMS supports local media to reduce conflict and strengthen democracy. It works in a context sensitive manner, carefully assessing the needs of local media in each country before entering in close dialogue with local organizations and international peers


Founded by Garanti BBVA in 2011, Salt is a cultural institution in public service producing research-based exhibitions, publications, web and digitization projects, as well as developing programs including screenings, conferences and workshops.


YOLO art is a space for entertaining, expressing, connecting, learning and exchanging experiences. The building is located in Balat in old Istanbul. YOLO art is keen to provide its service on many levels through a range of events.