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Photo Workshop

once a week 3 hours for 4 months (total 48 hours) this workshop will take place mostly physically in Istanbul Number of participants: 12 Male

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The Istanbul based association Diyalog in cooperation with the
International Media Support (IMS) started in August 2022 the Kite
Runner activities in Istanbul. 2023 the program will continue with language courses, film screenings, digital storrytelling lab, a working group for female journalists and much more.

Working Group for Female Journalists

Return To Zero

As a child Shokria was a “Bacha Posh”, a girl that was supposed to appear and act like a boy. Anyway, allthough of all this hardship she found her path, but got suddenly back to zero forced by the Taliban.

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Digital Storrytelling



Diyalog is an inter-cultural association dedicated to communities, diversity and new media. The principal objectives are the promotion of exchange and cooperation in order to carry out an intercultural understanding to strengthen as well as above all a cultural dialogue beyond borders.

International Media Support

IMS (International Media Support) is an international non-profit organization working across four continents. IMS supports local media to reduce conflict and strengthen democracy. It works in a context sensitive manner, carefully assessing the needs of local media in each country before entering in close dialogue with local organizations and international peers