We are inviting you to the gathering of the Cross-Media Working Lab at Postane in Galata Istanbul in the frame of the Kit Runner activities in 2023. The Cross-Media Lab will take place on Saturdays between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm Istanbul time.


Within this lab we will discuss short movie creation, animated movies, graphic novels, and text publishing online as new forms of digital storytelling.


Results in form of text, photos and videos will be published by the participants and the organizers online to incorporate an audience in Turkey, Afghanistan and beyond.


The modules are designed to enable the participants to start with simple storytelling and gradually acquire skills. In parallel, the aspiring citizen journalists will practice digital techniques on topics discovering cultural diversity in communities.


We are looking for participants mostly from Afghanistan and beyond but not only with and without journalistic experiences. Ideal participants would have several of these qualities: – Experience, interest or enthusiasm about video, film-making, and journalism – Passion about the social justice, equality, and human rights, wellbeing, and democratic processes – Experience, expertise or enthusiasm about local communities – Artistic, design or communication skills – Interest into community-friendly practices.


December 9 @ 17:00
17:00 — 19:00 (2h)


Sabine Küper-Büsch, Shahzad Mudasir, Thomas Büsch

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