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Podcast with Hosnia Mohaqqeq

By Hosnia Mohaqqeq


The first episode of this podcast is about the difference between Farsi and Dari as experienced in Afghanistan. This episode is in Dari.


In this episode, Hosnia explores two similar proverbs from Afghanistan and Iran, both employed in analogous contexts. In Afghanistan, when someone seeks to intentionally ignore or evade an issue, the proverb “Kocheye Hasan Chap” (Hasan Chap Alley) is used. In Iran, the equivalent is “Kocheye Ali Chap” (Ali Chap Alley). The intriguing aspect lies in the slight difference between the names Hasan and Ali, despite both proverbs being used in precisely the same contexts.


Untold: Stories with Shahzad

Untold: Stories with Shahzad is a podcast that brings you the real-life experiences of refugees and immigrants. Each episode will feature a guest who has fled from conflict, persecution, or hardship in their home country and embarked on a journey to a new land. These stories of courage, resilience, and determination in the face of incredible challenges.-


داستان های ناگفته با شهزاد یک پادکست است که تجربیات واقعی پناهندگان و مهاجران را به شما به ارمغان می‌آورد. هر قسمت آن حاوی مهمانان خواهد بود که درگیری، ستم و سختی‌ها را پشت‌‌ سر گذاشته و رهسپار سرزمین جدید‌ی ‌شده اند


Voices of the Afghan Art Scene

The latest episode: Mermon Parwin | an Afghan female singer. She was the first Afghan singer to be broadcast live on Radio Kabul 1951.


By Safi Nurzai

These are the first episodes of Voices from the Afghan Art Scene‘. In the first episode we talked about an Afghan woman, she is known as the pioneering female poet of the Persian or Dari language: Rabia Balkhi


Rights and Resilience

Legal Advice by Shahzad Mudasir and Adnan Onur Acar


The podcast aims to furnish Afghan exiles with valuable insights and resources concerning their rights in Turkey. It also seeks to guide them through the intricacies of securing employment, accessing healthcare, pursuing education, and other essential forms of assistance.


هدف این پادکست ارائه بینش ها و منابع ارزشمند به تبعیدیان افغان در مورد حقوق آنها در ترکیه است. این پادکست همچنین به دنبال آن است که آنها را از طریق پیچیدگی های تأمین شغل، دسترسی به مراقبت های بهداشتی، پیگیری آموزش و سایر اشکال ضروری کمک راهنمایی کند.


Rights&Resilience Podcast, Afgan Mülteci ve Göçmenlere Türkiye’deki haklarına ilişkin değerli bilgiler ve kaynaklar sunmayı amaçlıyor. Aynı zamanda istihdamın güvence altına alınması, sağlık hizmetlerine erişim, eğitime devam etme ve diğer temel yardım biçimlerinin inceliklerinde onlara rehberlik etmeyi amaçlamaktadır.


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