Resilience in Exile

Art and Creativity from Afghanistan


A Public Event with Documentaries, Animation-Film, Podcasts and Photography, Paintings, Drawings and Cartoons. See bright colours, which no darkness can overshadow.


Program, Friday, 15.12.23


18:30 Screening of the Documentary, In Her Hands, featuring former mayor Zarifa Ghafari.


Program, Saturday, 16.12.23


15:00 – 16:00 Presentations of Afghan Artists Abida Mohammadi, Bonoo Azizian and Shira Badakshi with Drawings and Paintings. The artists will be present to talk about their works.


16:00 Buffet with Afghan Food

Screening of Afghanistan by Selsela Imamzadeh


17:00 – 19:00 Online- Presentations around Photography and Podcast

Photographs of Jawad Jalali and Hedayad Ullah Amid

Podcasts: Shahzad Mudasir and Adnan Onur Acar. Rights and Resilience, Untold Stories with Shahzad, Safi Nurzai, and Abida Mohamadi, Voices of the Afghan Art Scene.


19:00 Online Presentation of “Under the Starry Afghan Sky”. A project connecting women from Afghanistan with the world.


All Events are Hybrid. You can join and invite friends remote:



Meeting-ID: 879 5704 2087
Passcode: 900606


Cover: Bonoo Azizian, Stoic sword

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