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Book-Review by Somaia Valizadeh   Outspoken is the title of a book by Dr. Sima Samar, who immigrated to the United States after the Taliban’s

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A girl amidst smoke and gunpowder

The secret schools of Afghanistan: The sixteen-year-old woman stands in front of a group of Students. Zahra Rahimi* points on a girl of maybe ten and asks her. A report by Salma Haidari.

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The Istanbul based association Diyalog in cooperation with the
International Media Support (IMS) started in August 2022 the Kite
Runner activities in Istanbul. 2023 the program will continue with language courses, film screenings, digital storrytelling lab, a working group for female journalists and much more.

Digital Storytelling

Sessions May 10th and 11th

This week we will have Hasti Poodforoosh as our guest at the Women Working Group online on May 10th at 5 pm and at the Storytelling Lab on May 11th at 5 pm at Postane, Istanbul and online.

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Working Group for Women Journalists

Maryam Soltani

  Women are deprived from Healthcare by the Ban on Female Students A report by Selsela Imamzadeh Maryam Soltani was a medical student at Khatam

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Afghanistan: Burial Ground of Women’s Hopes

Simin and Parvin live on the Barchi road west of Kabul. It is the place where the two young women have grown. Most of them are middle-class and from the Shiite minority of the Hazara, but likewise, they are poor when it comes to income.

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The Ban on Beauty

By Maela Sanmartin (Text) and Homaira Afghani (Drawing)   Progressive closings have made the streets look emptier, and even women’s faces have been covered with

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