On November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, women unite to protest against violence against women in Afghanistan and Iran. The Kite Runner media hub is part of this Campaign and continues to mobilize.  Despite initial promises that women would be allowed to exercise their rights within Sharia law—including the right to work and to study—the Taliban has systematically excluded women and girls from public life. Exiled Female Journalists, banned from media in Afghanistan, are speaking up against the silencing policies.



Women hold no cabinet positions in the de facto administration, which has also abolished the Ministry of Women’s Affairs—effectively eliminating women’s right to political participation. The Taliban has also banned girls from attending school past the sixth grade and barred women from working most jobs outside the home.


Restrictions on women’s movement and bodies continue to escalate. In May, the Taliban decreed that women must cover their faces in public and instructed them to remain in their homes except in cases of necessity. Women are banned from travelling long distances without a male chaperone, and unchaperoned women are increasingly being denied access to essential services.



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