On November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, women unite to protest against violence against women in Afghanistan and Iran. The Kite Runner media hub is part of this Campaign and continues to mobilize.


Raihana Rasoly is the anchorwoman of the 2022 founded Online-News-Channel Alborz TV.



Women in Afghanistan have faced an onslaught of violence and human rights abuses since the Taliban returned to political power. “The scope, extent and severity” of the injuries are “increasing by the month,” according to a report Amnesty International released July, 2022.


The 98-page report relies on interviews with more than 100 women, girls, staff members at detention centers, experts and journalists, collected by researchers abroad and on the ground over nine months. As a brief summary: the Taliban has limited the freedoms of women and girls by imposing harsh, arbitrary, punishments — from forcibly detaining women for appearing in public without a male chaperone, to physical and psychological torture in confinement.


Fawzia Monir is an exiled Journalist from Afghanistan.



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