You Can’t Stop the Music

Film Screening

Filmscreening and Talk at Postane in Istanbul.

Friday – September 1 at 6:30 pm

What happens when you can no longer practice the profession that is part of your identity? You Can’t Stop the Music is a portrait of today’s Afghanistan, where life in the shadow of the Taliban can at times seem surreal.



When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Akbar Adeli was a music student at Kabul University. For conservative Afghans, music had been suspect even before the Taliban takeover, but it soon became a gamble with one’s life – especially since Akbar plays Western pop music.


Akbar stashed his guitar in a secret hiding spot, but the pull of music was too great. When a friend asked him to play in a project, Akbar fetched his guitar, put it in a sack and started rehearsing with the group. Eventually, however, the Taliban were tipped off, and Akbar returned his guitar to its hiding place. Now he dreams of a time when freedom has returned to Kabul, when artists, journalists and musicians are free to pursue their vocations.



Before long, the Taliban will take Akbar to task. Akbar and his parents are forced to make a difficult decision about Akbar’s future.


Written, directed and edited by Hashim Didari
Cinematograpy and sound Hashim Didari
Produced by Kirsi Mattila


Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker and Project Manager Kite Runner

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