The Kite Runner Project, supported by the International Media Support (IMS), recently celebrated a major milestone: completing a 5-month English language course by 28 Afghan refugee women.

This language course was designed to provide these women with the skills and confidence they need to communicate effectively in their new communities and to access opportunities for education and employment. The program was held at a local community center and was taught by experienced language instructor Shahzad Mudasir, who is also a refugee rights advocate and currently working as a Project Coordinator for Kite Runner.


Throughout the course, the women consistently demonstrated dedication and determination in their studies, consistently attending class and participating in group activities and discussions. They also made significant progress in their language skills, with many showing marked improvement in their speaking, reading, and writing abilities.


The graduation ceremony, held at the community center, was a joyous occasion attended by the students, their families, and members of the local community. Each graduate received a certificate of completion, and many of them shared their experiences and reflections on the impact the course has had on their lives. One graduate, Maryam, shared that she can now communicate with her children’s teachers and help them with their homework, which was previously not possible due to her limited English skills. Another graduate, Malika, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn a new language and for the support and encouragement of the instructors and fellow students.




As refugees, they have fled their home country due to conflict, persecution, or other forms of violence, and have experienced trauma as a result. Adjusting to life in a new country can also be difficult, as refugees face language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination. They also struggle to find stable housing, access healthcare, and education, and secure employment.


In addition to these challenges, Afghan refugee women in Turkey also face specific challenges related to their gender. They face discrimination and limitations on their freedoms and opportunities due to societal attitudes toward women. They may also face additional vulnerabilities, such as a higher risk of domestic violence and exploitation.



Despite these challenges, the 28 Afghan refugee women who completed the Kite Runner Project’s English language course have demonstrated resilience and determination in their studies. Their success in learning a new language is a testament to their hard work and determination, and we hope that it will open up new opportunities for them as they navigate their new lives in Turkey.


The Kite Runner Project is proud of the hard work and achievements of these 28 Afghan refugee women, and we hope that their language skills will open up new doors of opportunity for them in the future. We would like to express our deepest thanks to the IMS for their generous support of this program, and we look forward to continuing to work together to empower and support refugees in our community. We congratulate them on their journey and wish them success. 

Shahzad Mudasir

Project Coordinator of Kite Runner

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