Recording of the Media Lab Nov 4th

With Hazal Sipahi

During the last session of the Cross Media Lab on Saturday, the 4th of November, we spoke with Hazal Sipahi about the new projects we are developing for the Kite Runner Hub. There are the Advocacy Workshop podcast, the podcast by Shahzad Mudasir “Untold Stories with Shahzad” and the podcast about the Afghan Art Scene by Safi Nurzai in cooperation with Massimo Bergamini. All of them will be published soon on the Kite Runner hub. Stay tuned for our updates.




The next Cross Media Lab will take place with Hazal Sipahi next Saturday Nov 11th at 4 pm Istanbul time at postaneistanbul and online at ZOOM.



Meeting-ID: 879 5704 2087
Passcode: 900606


On November 7th, at 7 pm Istanbul, Adnan Onur Acar and Shazad Mudasir will continue with the production of the advocay podcast.




If you want to contribute, don’t miss the opportunity and participate.


We are looking forward to see you.


Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker and Project Manager Kite Runner

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