Recording of a Screening on Nov 3

Etilaat Roz by Abbas Rezaie

On November 3, we had a screening with the movie The Etilaat Roz by Abbas Rezaie at postaneistanbul.


The newspaper’s offices became a fortress between August and October 2021, when the US pulled out of Afghanistan and the Taliban again seized power. With the sounds of planes and gunfire in the background, work continues inside the perimeter fence—to the extent that this is still possible. Editor Zaki Daryabi, always fighting for the most truthful stories as well as the security of his staff, is becoming increasingly concerned. Bank accounts are being blocked, censorship imposed, and journalists assaulted on the streets.


Staff member Abbas Rezaie continually films the passionate editorial team as they begin to lose all hope. An incisive portrayal of powerlessness, with a captain who doesn’t want to abandon his ship.




Nominated for IDFA Award for Best First Feature

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker and Project Manager Kite Runner

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