By Parwin Karimi


After a long journey they arrived in Turkey and settled in Ağrı. Just four months later, Fatima applied with her husband and their children to the Turkish migration administration to get permission to join her sister, who lived in Adıyaman. Before they accepted their request, Fatima Sharifi’s sister left Turkey and went to Germany. Still they moved to Adıyaman anyway. And were struck by the Earthquake that shocked Turkey on the night of the 6th of February. They stayed three days and nights in a public park in fear until they were able to take one of the evacuation flights of Turkish Airlines to Istanbul. Where I was able to talk to them. They amazed me with their positive energy and courage.


Parwin Karimi, Fatima Sharifi, Azizullah Haydari, Mohammad Taha, Mehdi Haydari, Nazanae Zahra.


Fatima and Azizullah have three Kids together. Mahdi the eldest son, Nazanin Zahra, the only daughter, and the youngest boy, Mohammad Taha. Fatemeh and her husband Azizullah consider the smile of their little son, Mohammad Taha, as hope and light for the whole family. Caring for him and making him smile gives them happiness in this difficult situation they are going through. The family copes in an amazing way with the Trauma of the Natural Catastrophe. The positive attitude of Mehdi, the eldest son of this family, attracted my attention. He wants to study and to become an engineer to be able to build strong apartments, where people can live without fear of earthquakes. Nazanin is very anxious because of her experiences fears to have to face another earthquake. Nevertheless she wants to become a doctor to be able to help people. She is a brave girl and her opinions have an important effect on her parents’ decisions. The family enchanted me with their broad vision and open-mindedness. Although they are very worried about their future and their children, their worries and fears have never prevented them from dreaming big and aiming high, and at the same time, they were talking about a bright future for their family and their future plans.



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