Advocacy Workshop

Introduction to international Copyrights

The next advocacy workshop will take place on September 12th at 7 pm Istanbul time on ZOOM.



Meeting-ID: 892 1340 5377.


Next week at the Advocacy Workshop, we’ll be talking and discussing copyrights for writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, and all other content creators.


After this lesson, you can ask personal questions regarding your current legal status in Turkey, and we will provide you with valuable information and resources to help you to navigate various systems and processes related to your rights and needs in Turkey.


The gathering is also designed to provide you with information and resources related to your rights in Turkey, as well as to help you navigate various systems and processes related to finding work, accessing healthcare, and obtaining education and other forms of support.


Conducted by Adnan Onur Acar (Photographer and Lawyer)  in cooperation with Shahzad Mudasir


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