The Kite Runner project offers a hands-on video editing workshop on artistic and technical fundamentals, including in-depth exploration of non-linear video editing and compositing of time-based media.

The physical workshop is open for everyone.


The participation is free of charge.


Dates: August 25/26/28/

Workshop Schedule:


Friday, August 25th, 15:00, 4 hours:


  • Digital media formats, frame rate considerations, compression methods, transcoding.
  • User interface, media acquisition.
  • Montage and trimming techniques, transitions.
  • Compositing, keying.
  • Proxy Workflow.



Saturday, August 26th, 15:00, 4 hours:


  • Tracking and stabilisation techniques.
  • Videofilter.
  • Masks and Mattes, multi-camera workflow.
  • Color correction, color grading, video effects.



Sunday, August 27th, 15:00, 4 hours:


  • Time-remapping, still frames, graphic overlays, .psd workflow.
  • Audio workflow, overdubs, mixing and mastering audio.
  • Captions, subtitles.
  • Render Setup for Production and Distribution Formats.


August 25 @ 15:00
15:00 — 18:00 (3h)


Franz Schubert