Somaia Valizadeh

Investigative Afghan Journalist

I am Somaia Valizadeh, an investigative Journalist from Afghanistan, who current lives in Frankfurt, Germany.


My educational background:
(2022_2023) I have a Master degree in political science and public administration from Turkey.
(2023) I got a fellowship about Empower Women Media and Freedom Belief from the United States (US)
(2009_2013) Bachelor in Journalism- Journalism Faculty, Herat University
(2010_2011) Photo Journalism- in PRT foundation
(1997_2008) School Graduate – Mehry High school, Herat Afghanistan
Short term courses:
(2017) Anti-narcotics training in the New Delhi, India
(2017) Investigative Journalism Workshop in the (IWPR)
(2013) Government Letters, Good Governance, Management and Leadership through WIG/EGGI/USAID
(2013) Women Empowerment through WASSAS

Shahzad Mudasır and Somaia Valizadeh at the introduction of Kite Runner during Mahalla Festival in Istanbul, 2022

Rencent Professional Experiences:
(2022_ up to present) researcher and coordinator in Faraz media production in England
(2021_ up to present) Communications and Advocacy Coordinator in the Afghanistan Journalist Center
(2022 up to present) co-coordinator of the Afghan Female Journalist group at the kite Runner project in Turkey
(2018-up to 2021) Assistant Deputy at Female Journalist Association in Western of Afghanistan
(2017-up to 2021) Investigative journalist and producer at Killid Radio
Fields of practices
• Providing the reports
• Editing and writing the news
• Monitor the implementation of programs and projects related to the reports.
• Supply of skilled manpower required in various units institutions according to the approved posts and jobs.
• Organizing the news resources.
Earlier professional experiences
(2013_2014): Reporter in the Najva Magazine in Afghanistan
(2012_ 2013) Reporter and adviser assistant in DOWA/Herat through Women in
Internship (WIG) program/USAID
(2010-2013) producer of programs at YOUTH VOICE Radio in Afghanistan
Fields of practices
• Providing the reports
• Reporting
• Editing and writing the news
• Live reporting
• Working in a great way with my team
• Excellent communication
Dari/ Farsi, Pashto and English
Personal Skills:
• Excellent Speaking Skills
• Fluent in English and Farsi
• Strong Organizational and Management Skills
• Strong Administration and Facilitation Skills
• Self-motivated, reliable and a fast learner
• Having the abilities to communicate in multicultural/multinational environments and independently
• Having excellent competency and communicative qualifications to work with big teams
• Eagerly interested to get involved into any educational & academic programs
• Willing to work long hours when needed
• Willing to work under stressful conditions when required
As a female journalist, I won awards for my reporting that exposed Taliban violence against the military and civilians, corruption and human rights abuses.
Contact information:
Twitter or X: @Somi_Valizadeh
Facebook and Instagram: Somaia Valizadeh

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